The Good Traveller Experience

Programme for people over 50

Come to Galicia. Come with me!


“The good traveller is interested in everything that forms a part of the culture they are going to visit. They both observe and take part in it.”

The Good Traveller Experience is a one-week cultural and leisure programme (a minimum of 10 people are required) aimed at anyone over the age of 50 who would like to take part in all of the activities prepared by its coordinator, Blanca Fernández Piñeiro: a variety of experiences perfectly adapted to mature, inquisitive, and responsible travellers who have a friendly attitude towards the culture they visit, seeking to do so in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

​Obviously we are all foreigners when we travel, but we no longer want to form a part of the crowd, without any real knowledge of what we are seeing.

With a cultural and leisure programme as exclusive as The Good Traveller Experience you’ll return home knowing that you’ve learned new things that it’s unlikely you would have experienced on your own: not because they would have been impossible to discover, but because the exclusive, personal treatment you receive.

​Blanca offers something unique with The Good Traveller Experience: that visitors enjoy their stay with all of the quality and experiences they seek. How does she do it? Well, because she’s a good traveller too!

The cultural programme of The Good Traveller Experience will surprise you for its unique, innovative approach. How do we do it? Well, you’ll be visiting the places that we, the locals, visit, because we’ll treat you like a friend who’s come along to enjoy the kind of activities we enjoy doing at the weekend, because we create a long-lasting memory, and because we’re close and sociable.

We believe in the quality of The Good Traveller Experience, a cultural and leisure programme designed to provide you with long-lasting memories

Let me create the right programme for you!

BOTH THE GOOD TRAVELLER EXPERIENCE and  THE GOOF FAMILY PROGRAMMES can be adjusted to your needs. If one of the travellers does not wish to attend our Spanish language morning encounters, while their friends do, we can arrange other activities for him / her. The same applies to family trips: interesting experiences can be offered to parents while their children learn Spanish in the mornings.

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What does The Good Traveller Experience consist of?

Enjoy a unique cultural experience in Galicia (NW Spain) while staying in the spa town of Cuntis, just 30 km from the capital city of Santiago de Compostela, providing easy access to all of the different places of interest. If you are a “Good Traveller,” you’ll experience all of the same things as the local inhabitants, and everything that goes to make up our culture. 

Participants: minimum of 8, maximum of 14


  • Coordinator during the entire stay (Blanca Fernández; languages: Spanish, Galician, English and French)
  • Accommodation: in the charming Fonteverde country hotel, in double rooms with en suite bathroom (please enquire for individual rooms)
  • 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 7 dinners
  • 8-hour intensive session in Spanish language and culture adapted to the participants’ level, during our “cultural encounters” in the morning at the hotel (2 hours per day x 4 days)
  • Private bus for planned visits
  • Excursions, visits, and workshops in the afternoons:
    • Admission to the thermal circuit in Cuntis spa
    • Visit to a cheese factory to discover its products
    • Visit to a pre-Roman hill fort, 2 km from Cuntis
    • Guided tour of the rock art park of Campo Lameiro, with a workshop on prehistoric hunting or fire-making techniques
    • Trek lasting 2 to 3 hours along a section of the Portuguese Way of Saint James, accompanied by an official guide
  • Full day excursions:
    • Visit to Santiago de Compostela with official guide (Free time and recommendations for the best places to eat lunch), ending the day with a Spanish cookery workshop
    • Excursion in boat to visit mussel beds, with tasting session (Galicia is one of the world’s largest mussel producers). Free time in a seaside village and recommendations for the best places to eat lunch

 Visit en route to a Galician country manor house, its vineyards and winery. Wine tasting session.

  • Transfer for the whole group (a minimum of 8 people) from Santiago airport to Cuntis on the first day, and back to Santiago airport at the end of the programme on the last day
  • English, French, or German speaking guide for visits
  • The programme can be arranged on the dates the group wish. Do not hesitate to ask for dates available.
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