The Good Family Programme

Come to Galicia. Come with me!

Francalingua travels offers a different kind of stay in the northwest of Spain, in the village of Cuntis, only 28 km from Santiago de Compostela, with a programme for the whole family, This is also a very suitable programme for parents travelling alone with their children, The Good Family, which combines teaching Spanish with cultural and leisure activities. In addition to spending time together on your family trip, all of the family members will be able to learn Spanish and share a unique experience, getting to know our culture first-hand.

With Blanca Fernández leading the team of collaborators, Francalingua travels organises a completely personalised and tailor-made programme for your family. Blanca’s teaching and organisational experience is endorsed by the large number of teenagers who have attended her Spanish courses in the past, either as one-to-one or two-to-one programmes. Now, going one step further, Francalingua travels is pleased to reorientate its educational offer towards a family audience, because learning Spanish as a family can be a unique experience!

The family stays at the cosy Fonteverde hotel with capacity for 14 people (, in the thermal village of Cuntis (Pontevedra), which was already known for its thermal waters by the Romans, strategically located only 30 minutes from Santiago de Compostela, 10 minutes from the Portuguese variant of the Way of St James, and 20 minutes from its famous Rías Baixas estuaries on the beautiful Galician coast.

This is a programme designed for the family, and it is also very suitable for parents traveling alone with their children. The whole family is immersed in our culture.

Francalingua travels offers a specially designed service, The Good Family programme, although this is open to any adaptation or modification that the family proposes.


Children from 4 - 6 years old and from 7 - 11 years old learn through games and playing, becoming acquainted with the language in an unconscious way.


Teens, aged 12 years old and up, receive classes focused on their academic and school needs, but which at the same time are interactive and adapted to their age and level of knowledge of Spanish.


Adults receive classes geared to their interests and level

Motivation to learn a language!

There is no better basis for good future language learning than creating an interest in the language and its culture. The team that Blanca leads is specially qualified to achieve this.

After the classes, the immersion in Spanish continues, as just a few meters from the hotel we have the restaurant-bar where we will be served some tasty Spanish tapas, a light meal that will not interrupt the afternoon activities.

Among the daily activities that Francalingua travels has devised are:

Depending on the time of the year

  • Visit the pre-Roman hill fort 2 km from the town of Cuntis
  • Visit to the rock art park of the Archaeological Interpretation Centre of Campo Lameiro: attending one of the workshops it organises (prehistoric hunting workshop, fire workshop. etc)
  • Visit to the coast, with a boat trip to see how mussels are cultivated on our coasts
  • Visit to Santiago de Compostela, attending a cookery workshop
  • Visit to a nearby cheese factory for a tasting


  • Visit to Santiago de Compostela to attend a wine tasting while the children play on trampolines at a nearby leisure centre
  • Entry to the Cuntis spa and its thermal circuit
  • Pottery workshop
  • Visit the Galician manor houses and their world-famous camelia gardens
  • Surfing, paddle surfing (SUP), paddle boats, kayaking
  • Mushroom collecting trip with a specialist

Let me create the right programme for you!

BOTH THE GOOD TRAVELLER EXPERIENCE and  THE GOOF FAMILY PROGRAMMES can be adjusted to your needs. If one of the travellers does not wish to attend our Spanish language morning encounters, while their friends do, we can arrange other activities for him / her. The same applies to family trips: interesting experiences can be offered to parents while their children learn Spanish in the mornings.

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