Your personal travel agent in Galicia

We are a retail travel agency in Santiago de Compostela that deals directly with you, our client, to offer you cultural and leisure programmes with a language combination. We dedicate ourselves exclusively to our travellers to ensure they have unique experiences that leave a long-lasting impression.

By ensuring your experience is as personalised as possible, we are able to create programmes that provide exactly what you are looking for. We want you to discover Galician culture together with us: we love it, and we have a wide knowledge of our history, our geography, our art, our gastronomy, our identity and, of course, our language. We are willing to share all this with you, but if you are looking for an even more personal experience, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer you a complete and unforgettable experience, acquired through local knowledge, without you feeling like a tourist observing from the outside, but instead as a learner of a culture that is shown to you from within.

Those of us who will be by your side are authentic connoisseurs of our culture, and there is no one better to transmit their culture than someone who truly loves it, like Blanca and her colleagues.

We are your very own travel agent!

Blanca Fernández Piñeiro, with extensive experience in language teaching and study trips, is a guarantee for success. She and her team strive to immerse you in our culture, so that you can both observe and experience it from within.

Come to Galicia

What will you discover on the programme? You’ll discover Galicia! We want travellers to find out about us, and so we’ll introduce you to our language, art, traditions and people, our coastline, our country manors, our vineyards and their wine, our cookery, our cheeses, our Romanesque, Baroque, and even our prehistoric art, the Way of St. James, our ancestors, our architecture, our water, our cheerfulness, and our natural environment.

Our flagship are THE GOOD TRAVELLER EXPERIENCE and THE GOOF FAMILY PROGRAMME, but there are no pre-set rules.

Your trip is tailored for you! Why not a wine tour to Galicia to taste our delicious and renowned wines? Or a winter tour to admire our beautiful camellia gardens, one of the most iconic flowers in Galicia’s country manors and stately homes? And all of them with some language combination? As much as the traveller may wish? Just ask!

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