Our team of translators is made up of qualified professionals who always translate into their mother tongue. Their proven experience (which is constantly undergoing innovation and perfection) in the field of translation is the guarantee of our quality. Our translators have at their disposal all the resources they need to enable them to produce work of the highest quality.

Since 1998 we have translated technical documents into many languages in the fields of law, engineering, the iron and steel industry, public administration, tourism, art, medicine, biology, business, linguistics, mechanics, advertising, etc. A great many private businesses, public institutions and, of course, private individuals have found in us the standard of quality and confidentiality they required.

The translation process is monitored by a project manager who can inform you about how the project is developing at any time. Also, when doubts arise about an expression or a technicality, we prefer to contact the client to clear them up. We believe that a good level of communication with the client is a necessary part of carrying out a translation as it is not only words that are interpreted but also ideas and what better interpreter of them can there be than the one that created them?


Francalingua provides interpreting services in a variety of languages.
Our interpreters are qualified professionals, not simply native speakers of the language. They have the necessary qualifications and work experience proven over more than 3 years.

If you require a professional to interpret your ideas into another language during a business meeting, a visit or any other occasion then don’t hesitate to contact us.


Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words. But we are conscious of the fact that the way in which we communicate also creates an image which you cannot risk destroying by selling a pressure washer with unintelligible assembly instructions, or an MP3 with an incomprehensible instruction manual, or by speaking to an audience that does not understand the papers you give them because they were translated by a friend who “lived in the country for a couple of years”.
With the aim of avoiding these difficult situations, Francalingua can provide you with a correction service carried out by translators specialised in the relevant field. You will be given all necessary linguistic advice.